6 Common Nail Health Issues and How to Solve Them

More than a year without salon manicures meant a lot of bare-nail days and DIY manicures, as well as more time to Google all of our burning questions about nail health, like these six below.

Why won’t my nails grow?

This is a loaded question, and experts agree there is no clear answer. We know nail growth slows with age, but other reasons could be a diet lacking certain nutrients—incorporate biotin-rich foods like eggs, almonds and spinach—and daily damage from wearing nail polish, filing your nails (try a glass file instead of a cardboard one), and picking at your nails.

The solution: Though there isn’t much medical evidence showing dietary supplements are effective for nail growth, Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood and founder of Mazz Hanna skin care, considers them a key part of having healthy nails. “I stir Vital Proteins Collagen Powder ($25) into my coffee every day,” she says. “Biotin and prenatal vitamins are also great for supporting nail growth.” Another pro tip: New York dermatologist and nail specialist Dana Stern, MD says nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the nails by the bloodstream, so cardio activity or hand massage will optimize circulation. The first-of-its-kind StimuNail device ($68) supports blood flow with gentle heat, vibrating massage and red LED therapy for healthy nail growth.

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