8 Ways to Anti-Age Your Lips

Consider Filler

If you’re after a longer-lasting (and more invasive) solution to thinning lips, lip injections with a hyaluronic acid filler may be right for you. If you don’t think you’re quite ready for filler, Dr. Waldorf says not to think of lip filler as being about bigger lips. The proper injector, along with the right balance of filler, can deliver a much more natural look to your lips than you might think.

“I commonly blend a ‘lighter’ hyaluronic acid gel filler—like Restylane Kysse, Belotero Balance, or RHA 2—with some anesthetic or sterile saline and inject sparingly in a more superficial plane to provide increased hydration and natural softness and shape both in appearance and feel,” Dr. Waldorf explains. The result: a softer, fuller looking pout.

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