Ali Wentworth on Raising Teens, Anti-Aging and the Expensive Cream She Keeps Away from George

For actress, author and TV personality Ali Wentworth, the events of the last year have been more than cathartic. As the mom of two teenage daughters—18-year-old Elliot and 15-year-old Harper—she could see that the world was a different place then when she grew up and navigating through it as a parent was an uphill battle. While she and husband, Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos, quarantined at home with their girls, she decided to address her concerns head on with a podcast called Go Ask Ali, in which she explores relevant topics like how to raise teenagers and strengthen relationships during a pandemic. Here, she shares what she’s learned and how she unwinds after a very stressful year. 

Last year was rough on everyone, but you publicly battled COVID during quarantine. What was that experience like and what do you remember most about that period? 

“It was a dark time. Literally—it was actually stormy and wintery—and figuratively. I remember laying in bed for days and days and thinking what a surreal thing it is to have COVID-19 while the world was in a pandemic. I could hear my two teenage girls downstairs and I kept asking myself, ‘How the hell can I raise teenagers in a pandemic?’”

Your podcast covers so many relevant topics for anyone, not just moms. What are some takeaways you’ve learned from your celebrity guest stars?

“My favorite thing about doing my podcast is getting to talk to experts and doctors who have so many interesting things to say about the subject. Everything I ask them are all questions I really want to know the answers to. I loved talking to my bestie Mariska Hargitay about women and friendships because we got to really discuss the benefits of our relationship in a way that we wouldn’t have otherwise expanded on.”

You’ve talked about the pressures young women face today in the age of social media. What was growing up like for you in comparison to your daughters? 

“For me, growing up had none of the pitfalls of social media. There was no FOMO or bullying online or hunger for likes and having your whole sense of self being judged. I just had a diary and Charlie’s Angels.

What is your approach toward aging?

“My approach towards aging is this—it’s happening! There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it and Mother Nature wins every single time. I also really like this stage. It’s no longer about being ‘sexy’ sexy, but more like big straw hats and tomato plants.”

Which skin-care or beauty products do you swear by?

“I love Nature Bisse Diamond. I’m also into Macrene Actives creams by my dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades and anything clean and organic. Because I have two teenage daughters, I steal a lot of their astringents, ointments and creams! Usually, it’s the other way around with daughters that steal their mother’s stash, but in my house my girls know products and their bathrooms are packed. They teach me!”

What about your George, does he ever steal any of your products?

“George keeps it basic and clean. He once used my jar of Le Mer to take off his TV make-up and from then on, he’s been banned from my beauty products.”

What are your go-to wellness practices to destress and stay balanced?

“I’m a big bath gal. When I need to decompress, I love a long bath. I love bath oils, salts, and lavender smells. Lately I’ve been using a lot of the Goop bath salts. I exfoliate my face, scrub my body and soak. I’m also a big walker. I do my best thinking when I walk. I average about five miles a day. Even if it’s rainy or I don’t feel like getting out of bed, my hound Cooper gets me up and off to the park, he’s my trainer.”

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