Brittany Furlan on Struggling With Anxiety, Her Ultimate Eyeliner Hack and Life With Tommy Lee

In 2015, Time named her one of the most influential people on the Internet and Brittany Furlan hasn’t given anyone any reason to second-guess that. With a strong, in-the-millions social media following, a not-so-silent crusade for mental health and anxiety, and a popular podcast, Worst Firsts, the 34-year-old will next star in Paradise City, streaming on Amazon Prime Video March 25. Furlan recently chatted with us from her home in L.A. to talk makeup, facials and life with Tommy Lee.

What was it about Paradise City that initially drew you to the series?
I loved the cast—Drea DeMatteo, Fairuza Balk, Cameron Boyce (RIP), Rhys Coiro, etc. There were so many talented people attached to it; I was excited to be in such good company. Also, the story being about a band trying to make it and doing whatever it takes reminded me of my husband’s band, Mötley Crüe, getting started in L.A. and playing gigs and getting into trouble. 

Any similarities between your character and your real life?
Ha! Well, I play Janis, an agent’s wife, so maybe it’s a situation I could’ve ended up in in real life. But I don’t really dig super clean-cut guys…also, my character is pretty much a housewife and doesn’t do anything else, and I could never do that. I have to always have something going on. Also, spoiler alert, she’s trying to conceive, which is also something I’m not trying to do—ever. Dog mom for life. 

You grew up in PA and now you live in L.A. What is the biggest difference between the two locations when it comes to beauty?
People in Pennsylvania aren’t as critical as they are in L.A. You can dress however you want to go out and people won’t really judge you. L.A. is very judgy—I feel like you always are being critiqued. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Also, people in PA aren’t as into cosmetics and fillers as they are here. They just seem like more laid-back people in general. 

You seem very into beauty and makeup. Any products you swear by?
I love this stuff called Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime. I used it to dye my own hair pink during the quarantine and was so happy with the results. I go to Skin Laundry once a month and it keeps my skin really refreshed and clear. I am also obsessed with the Tarte Cosmetics’ eyeliner, Tarteist. It is the only eyeliner I’ve ever worn that doesn’t smear and smudge. Also, beauty hack: Blow-dry your liquid eyeliner after putting it on and it won’t smear. 

Between your husband and your social following, you live a pretty open life—is there anything people might be surprised to hear about you?
I openly share my struggles with anxiety and what not, which I was scared to do for a long time. I really thought people would judge me, but it was really amazing to get so many messages from other people saying they go through the same thing; I found so much comfort in that. Anxiety can feel very isolating—I have been so crippled with anxiety that I couldn’t leave my house. Thanks to a great CBD I found called TerraVita CBD, EMDR therapy, praying, and working on my mental health constantly, I am finally in a better place. 

Who is your dream guest for your podcast?
So many people would be dream guests, but Johnny Depp would be amazing. I know he’s going through a lot right now, but he’s been my favorite actor since I was a young girl. I did a Q&A on Reddit in like 2015, and someone from Disney was listening to it and lined it up to surprise me with meeting him. He was so kind and warm, and I just felt such a nice energy. I would LOVE to have him on Worst Firsts. 

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