Dermatologists Share Their Favorite Acne-Fighting Innovations of the Past Decade

Diamond Glow Infusion

“Although acne isn’t a sexy topic, let’s not forget that it is one of the most common and most challenging skin conditions a dermatologist treats,” says Bloomfield Hills, MI dermatologist Linda C. Honet, MD, who names Diamond Glow Infusion, a “ramped-up microdermabrasion procedure,” as one of the most popular acne-specific treatments at her practice.

“For those patients who would like a gentler and more economical in-office approach, this type of microdermabrasion is a great option and has come a long way in the last decade. I’m a big fan of Diamond Glow Infusion because it is a medical-grade system where one can customize the infused therapeutic serums to suit the patient’s needs. It microdermabrades and suctions out pores and comedones (whiteheads and blackheads), while infusing medicated serums into the skin, all at the same time. We are able to achieve incredible results for the treatment of acne and improve the appearance of secondary scarring dramatically.”

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