Gabe Adams Creates Glam Makeup Looks Without Limbs | Interview

The beauty of TikTok is anyone from anywhere can pop up on your For You page, and someway, somehow, you can relate to it. With most of us are stuck inside, not being able to meet new people with the same interests as us like before, TikTok has made introductions a bit easier. The social platform has brought the ever-so-smiley Gabe Adams, in particular, into our lives through our screens with his fun getting-ready-with-me makeup videos. 

When he first started posting selfie-style videos, Adams had no expectations of viral success. So when he wasn’t amassing high view counts, he definitely wasn’t disappointed. Instead, Adams kept posting anyway, showing off how he creates his everyday, soft glam look or bold eye makeup. 

In October 2020, Adams’ TikTok views went from thousands to millions. “It wasn’t until I did a full-body shot of myself where people could see I have no arms and no legs and what I was actually doing — that video actually took off,” he tells Allure

People in the comments expressed how impressed they were with Adams, to say the least. After being born without limbs 22 years ago, he’s found miraculous ways to make the world work for him, including, but not limited to, wielding blending brushes and his favorite rainbow palettes in unexpected-yet-brilliant ways for the dreamiest, most seamless eye makeup. 

Adams chatted with Allure over Zoom from his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, all about his makeup journey and how TikTok has changed the way he shares his life with the world. 

Allure: How did you get into makeup? 

Gabe Adams: I started doing makeup because of my background as a dancer. I joined the dance team back when I was in high school. I remember I was on stage for the first time, doing a rehearsal, and my dance coach was like, “You look washed out. You gotta figure out how to put on some makeup.” I was like, “OK, sounds good.” I went home, bought makeup, spent an hour just playing around with foundation and everything, trying to make sure that I got it blended out evenly.

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