Inside Kate Hudson’s Wellness Diary

In the world of Kate Hudson, there’s a bit of yin and yang when it comes to wellness. Some days, it’s sushi and wine on the schedule; others set the mood with matcha and meditation. “It’s about what I need that day,” she says. “There’s always tomorrow to get back on track.”

Green File

“During the pandemic, my health has really been top of mind. I’ve focused on making sure I’m getting my daily vitamins and greens, which has been easy thanks to INBLOOM. [Hudson is a cofounder.] Beauty Aura ($55) and Energy Shift ($50) have been two of my favorite blends during the past year. I’ll mix the Beauty Aura with water, pour it over ice and sip on it all morning. Energy Shift makes an incredible matcha without the bitterness. They both give me what I need at different points in my day.”

Move It

“To me, movement is a necessity. I try to work out three to four times a week and really change up my workouts. In quarantine, I was able to explore new fitness apps and live streams, which has kept things interesting. When it comes to nutrition, I always try to be mindful of what I’m eating.”

Splurge Tactics

“I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall, but there are certain times in life when you want to splurge, or you just have to go for it and eat the things you want to eat. There’s always another chance to get back to eating mindfully tomorrow.”


Mood Ring

“Growing up, I danced and was very athletic, so it doesn’t take too much to motivate me to work out. And, when I’m active, I like knowing that my body is getting healthier and stronger. I’m not always in the mood to work out, but I do always love how I feel after I’m done. That’s basically the big thing that helps me to maintain a routine.”

Product Picks

Besides INBLOOM (and that whole other side gig of acting), Hudson is also a spokesperson for WW, has her Fabletics line and recently launched King St. Vodka. Plus, she shares, she’s a big beauty-product lover: “I love every product Symbiome makes, but the One Restorative Cream ($125) is a favorite. I’ve noticed what a difference it has made with my skin, and it’s now a consistent part of my skin-care regime. It’s definitely pricey, but worth it! The NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device ($209) is also a current favorite—it’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s a wonderful product from a female-founded company. It has different attachments—one tightens fine lines and another uses infrared for collagen stimulation—but it’s easy to use. If you are able to spend a little more, this is a great little tool that’s wonderful for your skin.”

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