Kate Beckinsale Credits This Collagen-Boosting Treatment For Her Youthful Skin

In a recent interview with The Times, Kate Beckinsale admits to looking young, but says her youthful appearance isn’t a result of injectable wrinkle-reducers. Rather, she credits her beautiful skin to genetics and a certain in-office treatment. “My family are generally on the younger-looking side,” she says. “Even my dog is nine and looks like a puppy.”

Speaking on her skin routine, the 47-year-old says Botox Cosmetic isn’t for her. “I’m not against people having it. [But] I do get pissed off. It’s sort of a given that I’ve had it, which I just literally haven’t. I’m frightened of paralyzing my face. My mum’s voice is in my head, very loud, at all times. My mum wouldn’t even get a facial, she is suspicious of anything like that, and looks f***ing radiant and amazing. I know if I did do Botox, I’d be the one that would get the droopy eye, and my mum would go, ‘I f***ing told you! See? You should never do that.’”

However, Beckinsale says there is an in-office treatment she opts for—and it’s of the skin-smoothing, collagen-boosting variety. “I do like PRP, when they take your blood [plasma and re-inject it into your skin],” she says. “That’s a real thing, from your own body. But not with scary poisonous things!”

PRP, aka platelet-rich plasma, utilizes the plasma found in your blood to rejuvenate the skin, soften texture and boost the production of collagen—it has also shown promising results as a hair-loss treatment. Given Beckinsale’s youthful appearance, she is doing all the right things.