Lacey Chabert on DIY Bangs, Crazy Beauty Experiences and How Much Hairspray Was on the Set of ‘Mean Girls’

The first introduction Lacey Chabert had to her can’t-forget character of Gretchen in Mean Girls—which premiered an unbelievable 16 years ago today—was when she picked up the script and read the first line: “They described her as a girl whose hair was as big as the secrets she kept,” the 38-year-old, who is currently working with Suave and the brand’s Pink collection, shares. “And to get there meant a lot of hairspray and back-combing behind-the-scenes.”

What do you remember beauty-wise from set?

“Filling Gretchen’s hair with secrets wasn’t easy and required a lot of product and A LOT of back combing. I only wish that I had Suave’s Blow Dry Accelerator Heat Protecting Spray back then because we did so much to my hair to make it so big and full of all those secrets. I also remember how much work it took to maintain Gretchen’s iconic curls—it took so many touch-ups and a ton of hairspray.”

What is your day-to-day beauty routine like now?  

“When I’m working and on set. I have amazing professional stylists that help me to create a look for each of my characters, but when I’m at home doing my everyday routine, I start with washing my hair followed by air-drying it and then a hair-dryer. I’ve been trying to use less heat on my hair so I always use the Suave Blow Dry Accelerator Heat Protecting Spray, which protects my hair and helps it to dry faster, which means less heat. I always finish my hair with a straighter or curling iron to add a wave back in.”

Have you changed your beauty routine during COVID?  

“As we all juggle things during quarantine, like being a parent and working from home, I’ve learned that whatever I can do to make my routine easier, is better. For my skin care, I try to leave all my products out by the sink so that I actually use them, including any supplements and vitamins, as that’s been something I’ve been working on is boosting my immune system. When it comes to haircare, I do anything I can to protect my hair and also bring ease into my routine. That’s what I love about the Suave Pink Line; it helps me attain ready-for-anything hair. I bring these products with me everywhere, even when I go to film, that’s how much I love them.”

What is the craziest beauty experience you’ve ever had?  

“One time while I was on set, my hairstylist was giving me a clear gloss treatment to add a little shine to my hair for our last week of filming. She didn’t realize at the time that whatever was in the treatment was actually lifting the color from my hair and by the end of it I had strawberry blond hair! We had to continue filming so, for a quick fix, the next morning we used a spray to make my hair brown again—luckily, they were able to find the right product and bring my hair back to its natural color. 

I also used to cut my own bangs and there was one instance where I cut them way to short and the more I tried to fix them the worse they got! I ended up with really short and uneven bags for awhile and all I can say is the lesson there—don’t cut your own bangs.”

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