Plastic Surgeons Are Seeing an Uptick in ‘Bigger’ Surgeries—Here’s Why

When we spoke to Reno, NV plastic surgeon Tiffany D. McCormack, MD about her most-requested cosmetic surgery procedures, we learned that she’s been seeing an uptick in “bigger” surgeries since COVID-19. While “bigger” often has an intimidating ring to it, Dr. McCormack says these longer procedures are more approachable than ever right now due to the excess downtime we’ve acquired as our new normal.

“People are not spending money on travel or entertainment and are putting more spending toward self-care,” says Dr. McCormack, who says due to this reason alone, she’s been performing more combination procedures. “They are willing to undergo longer, bigger surgeries knowing that they can take the time to recover as they are not using it toward travel. It is also easier to get back to work a little quicker when you only have to get to your computer rather than commute somewhere.”

Dr. McCormack also tells us that she’s been seeing more patients coming in for revision procedures. “I am seeing a lot of people with older breast implants who have not had the time to have them replaced up until now. People are taking advantage of the downtime and having their revision surgeries now.”

At the other end of the spectrum, Dr. McCormack explains that minimally invasive treatments are also high up on her list of patient requests. “Patients are showing more interest in self-care,” she says. “Also, all of the Zoom meetings are forcing people to look more closely at their faces, eyes, and necks, which is bringing a lot of clients into our practice for the first time. They want to learn about what minimally-invasive services are available to help.” The most popular treatments in her practice right now? “Coolsculpting is very popular, Broadband Light (BBL) laser and Genius (radiofrequency and microneedling combined) are very popular for the face, and neuromodulators and fillers remain trending as well. I am seeing an uptick in lip fillers in particular.”

With a major increase in procedures taking place in her office, Dr. McCormack has been very meticulous with COVID-19 safety. “Having our own surgery center has been amazing since COVID-19 hit,” she says. “Our facility is brand new and state-of-the-art. During our shutdown phase, I worked incredibly hard on my protocols. Since then, I have incorporated HEPA filters into our operating room air circulation system, built out excess space for social distancing, and I stocked-up on PPE supplies for myself and my staff. As the only surgeon, the number of patients flowing through in a day is limited and nicely spaced out. We don’t have any sick patients here, so the risk of transmission is very low. We also run PCR COVID-19 tests on each patient before surgery to limit exposure. Patients appreciate the ability to avoid having their surgery in a hospital setting.” 

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