Reese Witherspoon Says This Clean Serum Has ‘Really Helped’ Fade Her Hyperpigmentation

Today, female-owned sustainable skin-care brand Biossance announced its five-year partnership with actress Reese Witherspoon with one main goal in mind: to inspire the beauty community to become more clean conscious.

“I have always been conscious of what’s being put on my skin, but after all the time I’ve spent on movie sets wearing a lot of makeup, my curiosity has grown around making better skin care choices that incorporate clean products,” says Witherspoon in an Instagram video posted today. In the post, the 45-year-old not only talks through what she loves about Biossance and what they preach, but she also pins her top three picks.

“It’s not just what you put on your skin, which is really important, but it’s also how things are made, and this company combines all the nerdy parts of science with the charm and the fun of skin care and beauty,” she says as she applies the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum ($62) to the pregnancy-induced dark spots around her jawline, cheeks and upper lip. “Ever since I had babies, I’ve had these little brown spots,” she says. “So this hyperpigmentation has really been helped by this product. Not fun, just part of life.”

After treating her brown spots, Witherspoon applies the Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream ($58). “The great thing about this is it’s not sticky and it’s not greasy.” She then finishes everything off with the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil ($72), a product she marks as her favorite.

Made obvious in her Instagram video, the Big Little Lies star already has so many favorites from the brand and, according to a release, she plans to develop limited-edition items featuring her top picks in the near future.

“Reese is a champion of empowerment and education. Her relatability, genuine desire to learn and passion for her beliefs engages everyone she reaches,” says Biossance president Catherine Gore according to the release. “We are honored to partner with her in advancing our mission toward a more sustainable future for our planet through clean beauty. Biossance continues to experience industry-leading growth and we expect our partnership with Reese to expand our global consumer awareness while continuing to improve the effectiveness of our mission forward, science-led clean beauty strategy.”

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