Small Breast Implants Are Having a Moment—Here’s Why

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding plastic surgery, but of all the cosmetic procedures available, breast augmentation probably has the most inaccurate assumptions associated with it. One of the more prominent misconceptions is the idea that implants result in an extra-large, Baywatch-esque appearance. While that look may have been trending a few decades ago, a more subtle appearance is what more women than ever before are currently choosing.

“People don’t want an overdone, obviously fake look right now,” says Corte Madera, CA plastic surgeon and consultant for Mentor, Khashayar Mohebali, MD. “They want a more subtle augmentation. They want something [subtle] and seemingly natural.”

According to Dr. Mohebali, there are a few reasons for this trend. The first being a change in what kind of clothes are considered fashionable and the newly active lifestyle that many people are adopting. “I think people are not only more active but now they wear athletic gear all the time and they don’t want to have extra-large breasts that need ultra-supportive garments,” he says. “So this trend matches both the lifestyle change and even the fashion changes that you’ve seen in the last few years.”

While the presumption is that the only people that you see who have implants are the ones with the big, fake look, the reality tells a different story. If you’re looking to undergo a subtle breast augmentation yourself, we rounded up our best tips to help you achieve a natural look, below. 

What are your options if you want a subtle breast augmentation?
When choosing implants for a more natural look, it’s important to remember that implants do not just come in just two or three sizes. They can come in a variety of widths and volume options, giving patients hundreds of choices.

“You can achieve a natural look by staying within the following guidelines,” explains Dr. Mohebali. “Number one, pick an implant that is—measurement-wise—not too much bigger than your frame or your body.” To ensure that his patients are choosing the right size, Dr. Mohebali likes to take measurements of a woman’s frame, her chest width, her rib cage, and then find an implant that is not wider than their chest so it’s not spilling out from the side.

The second important thing to consider is to choose an implant that has a smaller volume. “If you stick to an implant with a smaller volume that isn’t very wide and big compared to who you are, then the implant matches your chest and won’t look fake.”

Does silicone or saline implants provide a more natural appearance?
While both options can provide a natural look, Dr. Mohebali believes silicone can provide a softer feel and look. “I think that if your desires are to have a less obvious, subtle look, silicone is the clear choice,” he explains. “Saline can occasionally give off more of the ‘water balloon’ appearance.”

How can patients ensure that they will get the subtle results that they’re looking for from their plastic surgeon?
In order to pick the right implant for your aesthetic goals, Dr. Mohebali recommends bringing pictures of both the look you want and the look you do not want. “I learn a lot by seeing what my patients don’t like just as much as seeing pictures of things that they do like,” he explains. “With this method, we can come up with the size that fits them and gives them the look they want.”

Ultimately, it’s important to evaluate the kind of lifestyle you live, what activities you do, how active you are and your ideal aesthetic before choosing a breast implant size that’s right for you. With so many options available, it’s easier than you’d think to find one that offers the natural look you’re searching for.

The viewpoints expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and surgeons included; they do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of Mentor

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