The Best Lip Enhancement Treatment for Every Age

Patients in Their 20s:

According to Dr. Peredo, patients in their 20s most often have issues of genetic lip imperfections like asymmetry, thin lips, a gummy smile or their expression might appear sad or angry. “It’s really about enhancement,” says Dr. Peredo. “Patients this age tend to love the look of fuller lips. My job is to make sure they look proportionate to the face. I look at the whole person sitting in front of me to bring balance to the entire face. Sometimes the most important decision I make is what NOT to do. I always seek a natural look that will be barely noticeable to all but the patient.”  

Treatment Shown: One 1mL of Restylane Kysse in the upper and lower lip. “Restylane Kysse is so versatile I can inject it superficially for fine lines and deep for lip fullness with great results. I am also able to use it for the corners of the mouth. It’s a great product for both young and older patients.”

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