The Noninvasive Breast Lift That Made Me Love My Breasts Again

The breast size and shape you want in your 20s may not fit the life you have in your 40s and 50s. For Eva—who found that like her tastes, her skin was also changing— the answer wasn’t a simple breast implant exchange. 

To give her breasts the new shape and lift she wanted, her plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz recommend a combination surgical and nonsurgical approach. Here, she shares her story to let other women know that they too can feel like themselves again:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt that the implants I had gotten in the past no longer felt sexy to me, and I’m not the only one. Many of us in our 40s and 50s who had our implants placed at when were younger are embarrassed to go to the beach with our grown children because we feel like our breasts look like Baywatch boobs.  The implants are round but replacing them with another round implant doesn’t take away that feeling of being busty and trying to look 20. I wanted to move towards something more ‘age appropriate,’ not to say that 50-year-old women like me can’t have round implants, but they didn’t feel the same anymore.

L: Round implants that felt too large and pronounced. R: Results of the combination
procedure that included a new tear drop shaped implant and a BodyTite treatment.

As my breast tissue got thinner, the rippling around my implants become extremely obvious. The hormones kicked in and the boobs were beginning to sag. I was feeling really insecure but getting my implants removed was not a route I wanted to take.

San Diego plastic surgeon Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD, provided a unique approach to my concerns by replacing my round implants with teardrop shaped implants and was able to firm my breast tissue with BodyTite, a minimally-invasive radio-frequency skin tightening treatment. 

Not all patients are candidates for this “Scarless Breast Lift,” but for those who are, the radio-frequency tightens breast tissue and encourages collagen production which boosts firmness. 

I am now two months post-op and I had the opportunity to wear my swimwear for the first time since the new implants went in, and I am so over the moon. I wanted to share my story to give women with implants they no longer like the hope that they can look more natural again. I finally got my confidence back, just in time for my 50th birthday. 

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