The Two Best Beauty Lessons I Learned From My Podcast

Making a name for yourself in the beauty industry has its challenges, and in the podcast space, motivating people to listen to your interviews requires your brand to have something that no one else’s has. In the case of my podcast, Skincare Anarchy, I have made sure that my channel consistently covers exciting new launches and the stories surrounding brand founders, while also weaving in topics that aren’t as talked about: science and innovation. These two topics are, in my opinion, the core of the billion-dollar skin care industry.

The Big Push

I started Skincare Anarchy out of the frustration I felt for lack of factual information in such an interesting area of health and wellness: skin. The skin being our largest organ comes with such a unique set of hurdles in terms of being able to understand pathways or mechanisms that allow for its physiology. Given the vast grey areas around topics that concern most skin-care consumers, it felt only logical to provide a library of information in an audio and easily accessible format so that the consumer could not only learn, but make much more conscious and informed decisions about their skin health.

My goal is to create a database of interviews that not only show the inner workings of this industry, but more importantly bridge the gap between consumers and the brilliant entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists and researchers, and industry professionals who have a real, science-based approach to wellness and self care. 

Brains Behind the Brands

The biggest lessons I’ve learned from this job is that skin care is much more than just some beauty products—in this industry, there are individuals such as noble laureates who are the brains behind new and technologically-advanced products that work in synchrony with the skin’s physiology. These are the people that I enjoy having on my podcast; these are the people that make my job interesting.

Sarah Jere

Two of my most interesting interviews were with CEO of innovative skin-care brand Noble Panacea Céline Talabaza and co-founders of skin-care delivery device Droplette Madhavi Gavini and Rathi Srinivas. The science for both brands not only blew my mind, but intrigued me as a member of both the science and medical communities. Another amazing interview was with the co-founders of menopause skin care brand Womaness Michelle Jacobs and Sally Mueller. They were actually just featured by Kym Douglas on The Ellen Show!

Sarah Jere

The guests that have come onto SA thus far—included is founder of MUTHA Hope Smith and NewBeauty’s chief brand officer Steffanie Attenberg—have been the incredible minds behind this inspirational industry and have provided pieces to a puzzle we are all trying to weave together: optimal skin health and wellness. I truly believe that when we make science the foundation of our conversation, then it is easy to see that there is space at the table for every gender, demographic, and background. 

Sarah Jere

This is such a unique time, when consumerism is meeting an almost academia-level interest in the literature surrounding ingredients and aesthetic procedures—knowledge is queen! Through all the ups and downs, the most amazing part of hosting this podcast has been the vast amount of knowledge I’ve gained from just listening to the stories behind this iconic industry and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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