ThermaFrax® “Real You, Real Fabulous” Contest Official Rules

Entry Requirements: Winner must be a suitable candidate for the procedure(s) in the medical judgment of the treating practitioner and must consent to granting Solta Medical the right to use photographs, video recordings, interviews, and other publications related to the treatment. Entries will be judged based on skin concerns and treatment considerations by Solta Medical with the consultation of participating practitioners. Determination of the winner, according to these criteria, will be at Solta Medical’s absolute and final discretion. Solta Medical reserves the right to consult with physician practitioners to determine eligibility of entries based on treatment criteria.

Sponsor reserves the right to waive the Entry Requirements set forth herein in its sole and absolute discretion.  By submitting an Entry, you agree that your Entry is gratuitous and made without restriction, and will not place Sponsor under any obligation, that Sponsor is free to disclose the Entry and the ideas contained in the Entry on a non-confidential basis to anyone or otherwise use the ideas without any additional compensation to you. By entering, you acknowledge that Sponsor has no obligation to use or post any Entry you submit. You acknowledge that Sponsor does not waive any rights to use similar or related ideas otherwise known to Sponsor, or developed by its employees, or obtained from sources other than you. 

Each entrant agrees that his/her Entry will be deemed a Work Made For Hire under the Copyright laws of the United States, but if it cannot be so deemed, then the entrant hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers to Sponsor all of his/her right, title and interest in and to his/her Entry, including but not limited to all copyright and trademark rights which he or she may have, in the United States and worldwide, in perpetuity, for consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged. Entrant hereby waives in favor of Sponsor, all rights of “Droit Moral” or “Moral Rights of Authors” or any similar rights or principles of law that entrant may now or later have to their Entry. Sponsor reserves the right to alter, change or modify any Entry, in its sole and absolute discretion. Upon request of Sponsor, entrant shall execute and deliver such additional instrument of assignment, as may be solely deemed by Sponsor, reasonably necessary to establish the ownership of record of the right, title and interest in and to the Entry and of the copyrights transferred and rights of “Droit Moral” and “Moral Rights of Authors” waived under these Official Rules. Should Sponsor fail to request the said assignment as stated, that shall not be deemed a waiver of Sponsor’s rights and Sponsor may at a later time request the assignment in its sole and absolute discretion.
By participating in the Contest, entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sponsor and the other Contest Entities (as defined in Rule #3) from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damages, costs or expenses brought against or suffered or incurred by any of them, arising out of or in connection with the participation by the entrants in this Contest, or any breach by the entrants of the foregoing warranties or any of the Official Rules. By participating, entrants agree to these Official Rules, and to comply with them, which are final and binding in all respects.

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