This 99-Year-Old Woman Is Now the Face of a Popular Beauty Brand

Gone are the days of solely twenty-something women ruling the modeling world. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the new face of Saie Beauty, 99-year-old Helene Simons. According to People, Simons’s granddaughter and founder of Saie, Laney Crowell, brought her on as the new face of the brand, and the idea came directly from her Instagram followers.

“I actually was very strategic about it,” says Crowell. “I enlisted my dad, my aunts, my cousins, my cousin’s significant others, my husband, I think I even had my daughters—Nanna’s great-grandchildren—try to convince her.”

And, the convincing worked—fast forward to today, Simon is starring in Saie’s Keep Glowing Shoot, looking absolutely killer for her age.

In a recent Instagram post, the brand gives Nana a shoutout. “She is the world’s first 99-year-old makeup model, and our founder @laney’s grandmother. She’s also Saie’s #1 fan. Nana wears Slip Tint ($32), Mascara 101 ($24) and Dew Blush ($22) every day. Her favorite thing about Saie products? She loves that they’re all easy to apply and nourish her skin from the inside out.”

“As an entrepreneur who is running my own business, having my grandmother use my products is maybe one of my favorite parts. It’s so cool,” Crowell tells People. “When I went home for Nanna’s birthday and I saw them on her night table, I had to take a picture of it because it was such a moment for me of knowing that my grandma was using the products that we make and work so hard on.”

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