Viola Davis Shares Makeup and Hair-Care Routine — Interview

ALLURE: Let’s talk a little bit about how your confidence in how you look has evolved as you grew older. What was that journey like?

Viola Davis: Since I’ve experienced more success in my career, I’ve had to look at myself more. When I started doing Doubt, Autumn [Moultrie] was doing my makeup, and I would look at pictures and I would go, “Wow. Okay. I look pretty good!” That gave me some comfort, confidence, and made me feel affirmed. 

I think that as you get older, you just get more confident in yourself. I don’t know one woman who won’t look at a picture of themselves when they were younger and go, “Man, I looked really good. Why didn’t I think that at the time?” That really has been a lot of what’s happened — I’m looking at the younger Viola, from the older Viola’s perspective and wisdom.

ALLURE: What are some beauty rituals that you’ve clung to during the pandemic?

VD: Giving myself facials because I can’t go to a spa now. I love spas. I do. I’ve done the whole thing — even splashing cold, cold water on my skin after I cleanse it. I also include my daughter. I’ll say, “Genesis, let mommy give you a spa treatment tonight.” I’ll dim the lights in her bathroom. I’ll put a snack that’s probably too decadent up there for her. Something like Takis or chips, I put it in a nice little bowl. 

I’ll have these little affirmations that I put around her tub that say, “I am abundant, I am unique.” I’ll draw an affirmation saying, “Mommy loves you” and draw a little picture. I turn on her diffuser and I put bubble bath in her tub. It creates a whole spa experience for her.

ALLURE: This sounds lovely. 

VD: I [got the idea to do it from] an article — I literally looked it up — “How to Survive a Pandemic With a 10-Year-Old.” That’s one of the things that came up and I said, “Oh, I’m going to do that.” Sometimes my daughter is like, “I love this, Mommy,” And other times she’s like, “I don’t want to do that. I’m taking a shower.” But I do that whole ritual for myself, too. It’s all about finding your joy.

ALLURE: Which products are you using on spa day?

VD: Let me tell you something: I’m a product [fanatic]. I’m not necessarily into clothes and the only shoes I love are my sneakers, of course, but [I love beauty products]. I have my acids, my peel pads. I use those, and then I have my essential oils. After I shower, I slather on lemongrass, lavender, or frankincense essential oils. I love perfume. I love my Hermès perfume. I love my Creed perfume — I spray that on even at night, ’cause it makes me feel pretty. 

ALLURE: You know, I’ve been taking to wearing perfume to bed lately, too. It’s nice, especially after a shower.

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