Add Project Management Certifications to Your Resume With This Training Bundle

There are a ton of pieces involved when you’re a project manager, especially in the world of tech and finances. If you’re in need of direction on how to navigate your role, The All-In-One Developer & Project Manager Exam Certification Prep Bundle can guide you. 

Unlike other bundles that simply serve as a wealth of knowledge, these 10 courses include prep for certifications.

The Prince2 Certification can serve as a boost to any project manager, and proven valuable to any sector. Additionally, the INTEL 4 Certification is crafted for those in IT management. 

Plus, it’s more than just online classes. Learn coding when you’re building 3-D games in Kodu Game Lab, become App Store royalty with the mobile development experience, and touch up on your programming skills by building Arcade Arkanoid, the Snake Game, and 10 other types (including a game featuring Disney’s Queen Elsa). 

If you want to learn the information from anyone, it would be none other than the bundle instructor, Dr. Chris Mall. His Ph.D. in Computer Science, Software Development, makes him the only guy for this job. 

Between mastering trading skills and various databases, there’s a little something for everyone in the 27 hours of content.

Whatever side of the spectrum you fall on, the All-In-One Developer & Project Manager Exam Certification Prep Bundle is only $39.99 from the Black Enterprise Shop.

Prices subject to change. 

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