Cardi B And Diversity Brand Real Women Are Drop A Limited Edition Doll In Her Likeness

Rapper Cardi B can now add toymaker to her many titles. The “Up” emcee announced that she had a new venture– a baby doll.

Cardi took to her Instagram to talk about her latest project on Friday.

“Hey, y’all! So today, I was on the Today Show, and I’m letting you guys know that I will be dropping a doll today. And you could go and purchase it– not purchase it, but sign up for it,” she detailed while wearing shades in the video.


The doll is being distributed by Real Women Are– a brand that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

According to its website, the brand “doesn’t just talk about diversity, but IS diversity.”

The site elaborated more on its mission.


“Real Women Are recognizes the need for variety in the representation of women of color; Not only in skin tone and body shape but diversity in the way they think and dream. Real Women Are dolls are affordable, high quality, inclusive and fun, giving girls tangible examples of the women they look up to and glimpses of the women they can become.”

The “WAP” rapper will offer two dolls– one limited edition doll for $35 and another VIP edition for $99. The toys will be available in July– but Cardi informed her followers that they can sign up for the pre-order mailing list.

Cardi is not included.

According to Real Women Are, the website will only sell both dolls for 72 hours, and once they sell out, according to the site. Once they sell out, they will be gone forever.

Cardi said that eventually, she would offer various dolls, including a career doll selected from a photo contest that her fans can enter.

The doll isn’t the budding businesswoman’s first time venturing outside of the rap game.

In October last year, Cardi dropped a gym shoe with athleisure- wear brand Reebok.

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