These Black Doctors Are Helping to Administer Vaccines In Philadelphia

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many marginalized communities across the country.  Numerous cities are beginning to administer vaccinations to their most vulnerable populations. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that only 12% of the Black city residents have received the COVID-19 vaccinations in comparison to 43% of white residents. As a result, the city has moved to make more strides in providing vaccinations to residents of color within the city. Recently, a group of Black doctors has stepped up to help administer vaccinations in their communities.

The Black Doctors Consortium announced that it has started an initiative to get more Black residents within the city to get the novel coronavirus vaccine. Dr. Ala Stanford, who is the founder of the group, shared a message on social media about the importance of this move and how important it is to make sure Black people are able to get this vaccine for their safety during this public health crisis.

According to WHY PBS radio, the city government has announced it will be entering Phase 1B of vaccine distribution for first responders, food handlers, education providers, and others who work with high-risk groups in addition to essential workers.

“I understand the hesitancy. I understand the atrocities that Black people have endured previously and the current day. Please, do not allow things of the past and the present to prevent you from protecting yourself and those whom you love. There is not enough vaccine to go around, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, until it’s made again,” said Stanford in a video on the group’s Instagram page.

“If you’re not sure, fill out the form. … And if you know you don’t want it, still complete it, and let’s keep talking about it, because we’re breaking records every day with the number of disease and deaths, and statistically, the ones who will continue to die at a greater rate are Black people.”

Residents can sign up to make an appointment to get a vaccine by signing up through this Google form.


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