7-Piece Celestial Gold Plated Ring Set with Mini White Swarovski


Simple, dainty, and a statement on trendy fashion, this Celestial Gold Plated Ring Set with Mini White Swarovski by Golden NYC Jewelry is a collection of 7 rings with a celestial design inspired by the moon, stars, and the sun. These rings are adorned with little white Swarovski Crystals that give off a versatile and elegant feeling. Its classic and timely look comes from its 18K gold plating. Guaranteed to retain its color and shine, you are assured of jewelry that can last a lifetime.

  • 7-piece ring set with a moon, star, & sun designs
  • Can be worn individually or as a set
  • Perfectly wraps around your fingers
  • 18K gold plating for a timeless & classic look
  • Swarovski crystals give off a versatile & elegant feel
  • Guaranteed to retain its color & shine

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