Evan Mock, Donté Colley and Leo Reilly Share Their Beauty Secrets

Evan Mock, Donté Colley and Leo Reilly on their skincare favourites.

Every so often, the Internet blesses our social media feeds with a new “boyfriend,” i.e. a cool dude whose talents and allure have garnered him a massive online fanbase seemingly overnight. Evan Mock, Donté Colley and Leo Reilly are no doubt three of the Internet’s most recent obsessions, and we got them to dish on the beauty regimens that get them ready for their constant close-ups.

Who: Evan Mock

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Internet boyfriend status:

Mock is known for a lot of things. Sure, he’s the breakout star (and crush) from the Gossip Girl reboot with a pink buzz-cut that’s hard to miss (he dyes it every two weeks). But the Hawaii-born rising star is so much more. Mack has established a name for himself in the skateboard and surf world, travelled the globe with Travis Scott as his Astroworld tour photographer and stepped in front of the camera modelling for Calvin Klein and Ugg, plus he’s walked in the Spring 2020 Men’s Louis Vuitton show. His range is real.

Product arsenal:

Who: Donté Colley

Content creator Donté Colley
Photo via @donte.colley

Internet boyfriend status:

Social media can often feel like a relentless hum of notifications, which makes the good stuff really jump out. Donté Colley is the good stuff. Synonymous with emoji-accentuated dance moves and the power of positivity, Colley, true to his astrological sign (a Taurus) is the charming ray of sunshine captivating the Internet. Dubbed “the hope we need on Instagram” by The New York Times, Colley’s talents know no bounds, thoughtfully advocating for mental health and the Black community. The Toronto-born, choreographing content creator even moonlights as a model for Diesel, Glossier Play and has walked the runway for Reebok by Pyer Moss.

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Who: Leo Reilly

Leo Reilly
Photograph by @Vixxion

Internet boyfriend status:

If you’ve been loitering around TikTok, then you’re familiar with the palpable thirst that is LoveLeo – a.k.a. Leo Reilly. The Los Angeles-born digital creator and musician – and son of actor John C. Reilly – occupies the heart-throb portion of Gen Z’s digital Venn diagram with over a million followers and fans like Addison Rae and the D’Amelio sisters lip-syncing his boppable tunes. But most of Reilly’s elusive charm exists through his infinite personas and characters, customizing everything from bite-sized videos to clothes and beauty. One day he’s flexing technicoloured petals glued to his face and the next, he’s showcasing a minimalist look that screams: I’m young, I’m flushed and I know my light.

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