Avocado-Inspired Apparel : AvoGlowUp

Avocados From Mexico is preparing for “the biggest occasion of the year for guacamole and avocados” with the #AvoGlowUp TikTok challenge and a real-life version of the virtual closet in the Avocados From Mexico digital House of Goodness. The pop-up in SoHo is set to invite people to a Store of Goodness where they will find items from the fresh new Avocado Glow Apparel Collection.

Avocados From Mexico partnered with #MadeMeBuyIt and 20 TikTok influencers based in New York City to pilot a novel RaaS (Retail as a Service) concept. While dancing to the rhythm of the Avocados From Mexico jingle, influencers use an avocado to transition from wearing everyday outfits to Avocado Glow ensembles from the collection.

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