Mask-Made Puffer Jackets : The Coat-19

Tobia Zambotti and Aleksi Saastamoinen designed the Coat-19 puffer jacket. The duo created the puffer coat to solve one of the pandemic’s most significant pollution issues. Masks have been crucial to keeping the population safe throughout the virus outbreak. However, single-use PPE has taken a toll on the environment. Many PPE objects, such as masks, are discarded on the street as pollution.

The Coat-19 solves this issue. It is made of discarded single-use masks, organic wool, and transparent recycled laminate. The icy blue puffer jacket was created by Iceland- based designers who collected roughly 1500 light-blue masks from the streets of Reykjavik. They are thoroughly disinfected with ozone gas and shipped to Helsinky, where they become the unusual filling for the Coat-19.

Image Credit: Tobia Zambotti and Aleksi Saastamoinen

Credit: Source link


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