Recycled Wool Hiking Socks : Recycled Wool Boot Sock

The Arvin Goods x Outerknown Recycled Wool Boot Sock is a comfortable, eco-friendly take on the essential hiking product that will provide ample support when worn in demanding environments. The socks are constructed from recycled wool with a three-ply heavy wool weave that promises to insulate against the cold when worn during winter hikes. The collaboration socks as achieved using a blend of materials such as the aforementioned recycled wool, acrylic, polyester and additional fibers.

The Arvin Goods x Outerknown Recycled Wool Boot Socks are priced at $18 per pair, and come in four color options to choose from including black, red, yellow and cobalt. The socks feature a quarter-length height to make them well-suited for wear with hiking boots.

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