Rugged All-Terrain Sneakers : cross advanced

‘Salomon’ has released a new rugged silhouette named the ‘CROSS ADVANCED.’ The CROSS ADVANCED has a unique style reminiscent of the brand’s ‘XT-QUEST 2 ADVANCED’ silhouette with a few notable changes. Firstly, the midsole on the CROSS ADVANCED has a smooth design with various subtle rubber bumps protruding from the sides. The upper, toe vamp, and heel of the shoe feature a breathable mesh, while the eyelets incorporate a reinforced layer of fabric overtop a breathable mesh for durability and breathability.

The CROSS ADVANCED is available in two colorways; the ‘Black/Rainy Day’ and the ‘Black/Black.’ The midsole on the Black/Rainy Day sneaker is all white. This white color then slowly fades into a dotted pattern and into black as it progresses up toward the top of the shoe. As for the Black/Black sneaker, the entire show, from the bottom of the sole to the inside of the shoe, is coated in different shades of dark black.

Image Credit: Salomon

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