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QuickSurvive is the originator of the most versatile fire Starters and has been providing trusted gear in the wilderness and outdoor space for nearly a decade. After creating QuickFire, they rebranded as QuickSurvive to expanded as a full, outdoor survival line. Same amazing product, the even better name!

QuickSurvive® Grill Master Bundle

The QuickSurvive’s Grill Master Bundle includes 100 of QuickSurvive’s All-Purpose Waterproof Fire Starters and two of their signature Heat Resistant Fire Safety Gloves. The bundle comes split into two 50 Fire Starter Canisters and two individually packaged Heat Resistant Fire Safety Gloves. Whether you are already a grill master, have a grill master in your life, know an aspiring cook, learning how to use a smoker, the Grill Master Bundle has your name on it!

50-Piece Fire Starter Canister

  • Burns at 750° for up to 10 minutes. Perfect for survival situations, camping, fire pits & more

  • Non-combustible. Will not light without direct flame exposure so safe for indoor & outdoor use

  • Waterproof & weather-resistant. Can quickly & easily start a fire in windy, rainy, damp or even if frozen

  • 30-year shelf life. Long-lasting so perfect for travelers, campers, emergencies & more

Heat-Resistant Fire Safety Gloves

  • Heat-resistant. Protect your hand from heat up to 932°F

  • M-Aramid & P-Aramid insulated fabrics. Will not catch fire or melt even when exposed to an open flame or extreme heat

  • Ambidextrous. Can be worn on left or right hands

  • Unisex. Great for men & women with different hand sizes

  • Versatile. Great for cooking, baking, grilling, microwave, smoker & more

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