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The Süka is the next evolution in pipes designed to simplify smoking for on-the-go smokers. This sleek pipe that looks like a UFO will blow your mind with a unique way to load bowls on the go. The Suka Pipe holds up to 4 grams inside for all-day quick loading or load bowls directly into the quartz glass bowl when at home. Quickly load bowls by turning the center trackball inward, then flip the pipe, so the herb falls to that side. Then flip the pipe again to use gravity, so the herb falls into the bowl. A few tips may help to refine your own motion soon enough. It hits like a spoon, and the hits get smoother as you use it.

  • Designed to simplify smoking for on-the-go smokers
  • UFO-shaped pipe provides a unique way of loading bowls
  • Holds up to 4g for all-day quick loading
  • Quick load bowls by turning the center trackball inward then flipping the pipe so herb falls to that side
  • Flip the pope again so herbs fall into the bowl
  • Hits like a spoon & gets smoother as you use it

Note: Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase

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