Camp Shirts as Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Now that you’ve put in your order for your one-piece swimsuit, it’s time to talk cover-ups. Sure, you could just rely on a tee or a conventional poncho to cover up. But where’s the fun (or style) in that? For 2021, we’re turning to camp shirts as our toppers of choice.

The short-sleeve shirts boasting notched collars and frequently pockets are an easy, breezy way to camouflage your suit’s sexy neckline. Patterned ones can up the ante on solid-colored swimwear. Or a neutral take can serve as the perfect antidote to a flashy suit.

These shirts are usually short. So size up if you want a baggier fit or a cover-up that covers everything. If you’re digging the cropped silhouette, simply slip on some jean shorts to round out the look.

Ready to jump on the camp shirts as cover-ups bandwagon? Keep reading for the best of the bunch.

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