Christian Dior Spring 2022 Campaign Brigitte Niedermair

Throughout her tenure at Christian Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri has experimented with different photographers when it comes to the brand’s advertising campaigns. Everyone from Brigitte Lacombe to Paola Mattioli to Elina Kechicheva has been commissioned to capture the legendary French fashion house’s ads. Now Brigitte Niedermair is back for Spring 2022. Inspired by the pop universe of Italian artist Anna Paparatti, Sofia Steinberg, Maryel Uchida, Sculy Mejia and Naomi Ekindi roam a geometric set allowing the 60s-inspired collection to do all the talking.


Ultimately, the end result failed to receive the seal of approval from our forum members. “Laughable,” disapproved charles01 straight away.

“Are the photos shot on a zebra crossing? That’s just perfect, really drives the pedestrian feeling home,” mocked Melancholybaby.

“All I see is angry girls crossing the road,” critiqued Ed..

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WAVES was also majorly underwhelmed: “The concept is interesting, but it falls flat unfortunately and mostly due to the choice of models.”

TZ001 wasn’t impressed with the casting, either. “They look like zombies.”

“A crying shame to think of the level of mediocrity that Christian Dior’s advertising campaign imagery has become. They could’ve done SO much more with the 60s/retro theme, but this is extremely redundant and lackluster — from the concept to the casting,” voiced vogue28.

“Well at least Maria Grazia Chiuri is loyal to her usual go-to girls. Before them there was Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest and now it’s Sofia and Sculy. This campaign does nothing for me. I like the composition, but that’s pretty much it,” admitted FashionMuseDior.

Christian Dior S/S 2022 by Brigitte Niedermair


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