Hair Color Tips to Keep Your Shade Fresh

Hair color. We all know it can really make or break your overall look. But sometimes maintaining your dye job just isn’t possible. Especially with the ongoing health crisis. Whether you’re constantly jet-setting, can’t afford regular touch-ups or just don’t have the time to sit in a chair for hours on end to maintain your color, we hear you. Which is why we turned to Bumble and bumble colorist Luis Ayala to get the top hair color tips. That way your shade can keep looking fresh and gorgeous. Even if you just so happen to be a low-maintenance kind of gal.

For starters, it’s best to be honest as soon as you sit down in the chair. Your colorist needs to know everything from your lifestyle activities to how you style your hair every day. Once you divulge, they’ll be able to give you a hair color that works with your very own maintenance plan.

Ready to learn the secrets of maintaining your new shade? From what to say to products that will keep your hair color looking fresh, check out this foolproof guide featuring hair color tips from Ayala that will help you keep your dye job in check.

The Low-Maintenance Guide to Keeping Your Hair Color Fresh

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