Lightweight Moisturizers Made for Summer

By now we’re all well aware that we need to switch up our skin care routines in summer. Those heavy, thick, winter-friendly products aren’t suitable for warmer hotter months. First on the list? Switching to a different hydrator. Because we’re always trying to make your life a little easier, we went ahead and rounded up the top lightweight moisturizers of the season.

How do you know which one is worth your hard-earned dollars? Well, that depends on your skin. Obviously, these formulas all promise increased hydration. If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, look for a moisturizer that tackles the signs of aging. Concerned about the impact of pollution or blue light on your complexion? Make sure your choice offers appropriate protection. There are even options that minimize pores.

They’re available at a wide range of prices. You can spend close to $200 or as little as just under $20. Once again, your skin type and needs will impact how much you need to spend. Summer usually allows us to scale back our often-complicated skin care regimens. So forking over a bit more dough on an always-necessary moisturizer won’t hit your pocketbook quite as hard.

Here are the best lightweight moisturizers for glowing and radiant summer skin.

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