Rihanna US Vogue May 2022

Anna Wintour continues to demonstrate she’s capable of securing the crème de la crème for Vogue‘s front covers. This year alone, the American fashion bible’s front covers have featured Olivia Wilde, HoYeon Jung, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid. Now the magazine welcomes back an old favorite by profiling a pregnant Rihanna for its May 2022 outing. Shot at the Ritz Paris, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz captured the image with stylists Alex Harrington and Jahleel Weaver dressing Rihanna in a custom lace bodysuit, gloves and heels from Alaïa.

US Vogue May 2022 : Rihanna by Annie Leibovitz


The end result, however, divided our forums. “I feel like all her recent pregnancy looks and IG pictures have been way cooler and stylish…” voiced Marc10.

“Feels very lazy to me, but I’m assuming this was in fact a very last minute decision to shoot Rihanna in Paris when she was attending PFW! I mean it’s the Ritz, it’s Rihanna pregnant…but I’m underwhelmed. The cover image resembles something taken for Instagram,” critiqued vogue28.

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“I don’t like it. Rihanna’s expression is of contempt/disgust (at least that’s how I’m reading it) and she almost looks Photoshopped into the room,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

“Definitely not my favorite Rihanna cover, but it’s very lovely to see her back on Vogue,” appreciated aracic.

“This may not be on par with some of her previous Vogue covers, but Rihanna is very much welcome on this magazine’s front cover…” echoed crmsnsnwflks.

“Stunning. Rihanna’s basically said ‘f**k maternity clothes’ from the jump. I love it,” approved TomFordforGucci.

See Rihanna’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.

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