Satin Bags to Carry Absolutely Everywhere

After more than a year of wearing mostly loungewear, we’re excited about the prospect of getting dressed up again. (This year’s Oscars only stoked the flames.) Thankfully, there’s an unexpected trend that’ll make getting glam easier. We’re referring to satin bags.

Once reserved for cocktail hour and formal events, the latest iterations are meant to be carted everywhere. And these aren’t the satin bags of yore. We’re seeing roomier silhouettes to accommodate those bulkier essentials we tote around during the day. There’s also the fact that the sheen factor isn’t always turned up to 11. Making it a cinch to pair with a tee, jeans and square-toe sandals.

They’re also pretty versatile when it comes to colors and patterns. This being spring, you have the floral variety and even gingham. Plus, plenty of seasonally-appropriate hues.

Scroll down to see the satin bags you won’t want to put down.

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