Skirt Suits to Wear Everywhere This Spring

One of the most memorable trends of the Fall 2020 runways is still going strong. We’re talking about skirt suits. While some of us may still feel like sporting newly-acquired sweat sets, more tailored pairings are really taking off. Why? Perhaps it’s due to loungewear fatigue. No matter the reason, we’re happy coordinating blazers and skirts are popping up again because they are way more practical than you think.

Once spring arrives, we’ll want to spend lots of time outdoors. That means we plan on spending less time getting dressed each morning. These suits are the obvious solution. They take the guesswork out of outfit planning. All you’ll have to do is pick a top to layer underneath. (Although many can be worn shirt-free.)

Sure, you can wear the more structured options to the office. Or even at your home office when you’re on a Zoom call. Which we highly encourage as long as the skirts and blazers aren’t too short. But there are versions that are far more playful featuring miniskirts and/or cropped jackets designed for dressing up on your days off.

Get ready to suit up this spring by scrolling down to see the best skirt suits of the season.

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