Sleeveless Turtlenecks to Wear Through Early Summer

Now that we’ve officially sprung forward, it finally feels like warmer temps are just around the corner. As much as we’re excited, we realize that there will still be chilly days ahead. (Especially with April showers on the horizon.) So we’re adding sleeveless turtlenecks to our wardrobes to help bridge the gap.

What makes these tops ideal for the start of spring? Well, the fact that they’re turtlenecks sans sleeves. Our necks will stay toasty while our bare arms will keep us cool. They’re the ideal options until things really start to heat up.

It may be a bit before you can sport them solo. In the meantime, try slipping one on under a lightweight blazer or jacket. Maybe even a cardigan. After the temps reach the 60s and beyond, pair your choice with slightly slouchy trousers or jeans. Baggy is better because these types of tops tend to be formfitting.

Check out the top sleeveless turtlenecks below.

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