Spring Jackets You Won’t Want to Take Off

Every fall we look forward to coat season. After all, if there’s one surefire way to take the bite out of winter, it’s getting a new coat out of it. But for some reason spring never really has that same excitement for outerwear. Even though temps usually require wrapping ourselves up to some degree. It may partly come down to the fact that after months of cold, all we want to do is shed layers. Thanks to the bevy of stylish spring jackets on offer right now, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Brands are trying to get us ready for jacket season by putting out a variety of lightweight options. Whether you’re looking for a jacket to work with your latest glamleisure look or something that will make you stand out on the street (and in street style shots). You may just want to buy two or three.

Here are 19 spring jackets that’ll make you wish the hot weather stays away for a while.

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