Summer Blazers for Summer 2022

Blazers probably aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to summer. Tank tops, shorts and minidresses are more in line with the season. But there are summer blazers out there that won’t make you sweat. And they come in a surprising amount of colors and silhouettes.

So what makes a blazer summer-worthy? Its fabric. While wool and heavy cotton blends are designed for late fall and winter, they don’t really work well as the mercury rises. The best summer blazers are constructed of linen, silk, lighter cotton, crepe, rayon…you get the idea.

We like our clothes to pop in summer so brightly colored blazers always make their way into our wardrobes. But there’s something to be said for neutral shades like white, tan and beige. You can also get away with cool patterns now that things are heating up. From paisley prints to plaid and even sleek stripes, you definitely don’t need to be shy about standing out.

See which blazers suit your style best below. You can wear them with everything from matching slacks to denim cutoffs to micro skirts. And feel free to not sport anything underneath that way you won’t be in danger of overheating.

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