US Harper’s Bazaar May 2021 Beauty Issue

We’ve clearly been critical of Samira Nasr since she took over Harper’s Bazaar. Absolutely lackluster covers starring Sarah Paulson, Liya Kebede along with Jane Fonda surely haven’t helped matters. Although the May 2021 offering certainly appears promising. Evidently answering our pleas for models, the magazine secures five of the industry’s finest. We’re talking Precious Lee by Renell Medrano, Rianne Van Rompaey by Cass Bird, Hailey Bieber by Amy Troost, Liu Wen by Zhang JiaCheng and Adwoa Aboah by Liz Johnson Artur.


Of course, a few covers really stood out. “Honestly…pretty solid casting, even with Hailey,” confessed littlekiki.

“First time I like something with Nasr as EIC,” declared a definitely impressed GivenchyAddict.

“Only here for Precious, Liu and Rianne! Completely taken by surprise by the cover choices and regardless of the lackluster issues of Harper’s Bazaar so far, I needed to see these covers today!” said a decidedly excited GERGIN.

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JPineapple shared the same sentiment: “Rianne, Precious and Liu covers are absolutely delightful.”

“Precious, Rianne and Liu are all fantastic…” approved an obviously thrilled aracic.

“Love the covers with Rianne, Precious and Liu,” proclaimed mikel.

Handbag Queen undoubtedly agrees. “Beautiful covers this time around!”

“After umpteen unimpressive covers under Samira Nasr, I’m amazed at how strong these covers are…” voiced vogue28.

US Harper's Bazaar May 2021 : Precious Lee, Rianne van Rompaey, Hailey Bieber, Liu Wen & Adwoa Aboah


Let us know which cover you prefer here.

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