Vest Suits That Work for Spring and Summer

Spring seems like it’s still in hibernation mode. While we patiently await temps in the 60s, we continue to build out our seasonal wardrobes. Next on the list? Vests. But instead of picking up a few random pieces, we’re looking for ones with matching pants. Because our sartorial strategy revolves around vest suits for work and on weekends.

The best way to wear one? With just the vest and the trousers. No need to layer a tee or blouse up top. Slip on loafers or pumps for the (home) office. And slides or strappy sandals on your days off.

On the fit front, you have options. Obviously, oversized silhouettes are still trending. Pairing more tailored takes with slouchy slacks is totally acceptable, too. If your goal is to look like you’re rocking a three-piece suit minus the blazer, then go for a streamlined set. Down below you can choose to sport hems that puddle around your feet (this is where heels come in handy). Cropped trousers, culottes and even Bermuda-style shorts are also all on the menu.

Breezy linen versions in natural hues are stalwarts. Although ’tis the season for a bit of color. So embrace pastels and bright hues.

Keep reading for the coolest vest suits of the (impending) season.

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