Vogue Hong Kong February 2021

We expect Luigi & Iango to deliver unapologetic fashion and glamour. Whether the pair’s photographing the covers of Vogue Brazil or advertising campaigns for Ermanno Scervino and Mônot, glamour is always on the agenda. It’s been a while since Vogue Hong Kong captured our attention (six months to be exact), but for February 2021 the title enlists Luigi & Iango to photograph many models of the moment for a series of covers. Transporting us to the Italian city of Venice, Akon Changkou, Lexi Boling, Estelle Chen, Taylor Hill and Luna Bijl huddle together on the main newsstand cover (below), while each dials up the drama for their respective solo covers (after the jump).


Vogue Hong Kong’s latest didn’t exactly wow our forum members. “The cover images are nice, but I don’t get the red masthead,” critiqued amby.

“This is certainly better than their usual covers at least. But the concept is better left to Vogue Japan. It just seems so watered-down,” Benn98 chimed in.

Vogue Japan is that you?” asked Bertrando3. “Luna’s cover is the only good one out of all of these.”

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Forum member dontbeadrag felt the same way: “Very unfortunate for Vogue Hong Kong. Covers aren’t horrible, but everyone and their dogs associate Luigi & Iango with Vogue Japan now and their style is not versatile enough to produce covers for another edition and not remind us of Vogue Japan.”

“The individual covers are better than the group one, but something still feels rather underwhelming,” added Ken Doll Jenner.

“The group cover would’ve been much better if they zoomed in on the models. The screaming shade of red they used for each cover is just dreadful, this magazine has no sense of direction or taste…” declared aracic.

“Not even Luigi & Iango can save this god-awful magazine,” exclaimed MON.

Vogue Hong Kong February 2021 : Akon, Estelle, Lexi, Luna & Taylor by Luigi & Iango


But the accompanying cover feature is a total must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.

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