The Ultimate Instagram Planner Is Here!

The Ultimate Instagram PlannerAs you set your 2018 marketing goals, have you figured out where Instagram fits in?

A well-defined goal on Instagram is much more than “Post something often enough that my IRL friends know I’m alive and my online friends know what I’m up to professionally.” I know, because I’ve tried it. 🙂

My lack of progress on Instagram (and maybe yours, too?) cannot be blamed on a lack of information. There are even free courses, blog posts, and challenges right here on this blog! So many great ideas covering everything from setting up a great profile to making the most of all the video options available on Instagram.

So, what holds us back from REALLY making Instagram work? While we need the information, could it be that what we really need is a reasonable, easy-to-follow plan?

The Ultimate Instagram Planner to the Rescue!

The Ultimate Instagram Planner - Get yours now!
Get your Ultimate Instagram Planner Now!

By following our new planner, you’ll have fresh and fun ideas about what to post to keep your audience engaged, but you’ll also have easy-to-follow action items and tips to help you make progress each month – without even a hint of overwhelm!

What to Post on Instagram – and When

Plan in advance for upcoming events and holidays to post about and the hashtags you’ll need to ace them. Beyond that, what overall topics, applicable to most any brand, are on the minds of your followers right now? We’ll give you those, too – so you can reach people with topics they care about now. For example, in January:

  • New Years Day (1st): #nyd #newyears #newyearsday #newyearscelebration
  • MLK Day (15th): #mlk #mlkday #ihaveadream #martinlutherkingjr
  • Motivation: #strong #motivationmonday #grind #hustle #ambition
  • Tax & Financial Information: #money #taxes #success #business

Improve Your Instagram Marketing with a Tip of the Month

A unique, and often fun tactic to keep your Instagram account fresh and growing. You might be surprised by what makes an impact. For example, in January:

  • Add some branding to your posts. Whether a custom filter, brand colors, or a subtle logo, make your posts instantly recognizable.

Make Big Instagram Strides with Simple Action Items

Skip the overwhelm when you make small changes throughout the year! Improve your Instagram marketing with action items that can make a big difference. For example, in January:

So, what are YOU waiting for? Grab your 2018 Instagram Planner and make this your best year ever on Instagram!

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