Ariana Grande makes fans laugh with her baby video

Ariana Grande launched into nostalgic memories on the eve of the famous singer. The singer shared an archive video on her birthday.

The 29-year-old star shared an archived video on her blog and showed what she looked like as a child. The occasion to remember the carefree time was the artist’s birthday, which she celebrated on June 26.

“Do you think I’m Peter Pan or something?” Ariana asks in the video. In the video, Grande wears a white blouse and a black dress. Asking such an important question, she put on black sneakers over white stockings.

The cute video immensely amused the fans of the star. Congratulating her on her birthday, they wrote that Ariana remained as charming as she was in childhood.

“This wonderful baby has grown into a real star” “What a charmer!”, “Happy birthday, cutie! Natural light in the world” admired her followers.

Meanwhile, Grande has had a brilliant career as a singer as she has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of fans with her music and unparalleled high notes.

Referring to his incredibly self-reflecting journey, Grande admitted in an IG post, “It’s an honor to be recognized today with so many great musicians and people I love. Especially since it’s “nothing to look up to.”

Thank you, the next singer looked cute in a black blazer and a white short-sleeved shirt under a black shirt. She was wearing white socks and had her dark brown hair styled in a ponytail and a black headband.

Grande is busy starting her 29th year as she continues to shine in upcoming Wicked films, where she will play the role of Glinda with Cynthia Erivo’s Alphabet.

He has already given the audience a chance to peek behind the scenes, showing some sheet music from the opening song and telling the story of his audition for the famous character.

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