British prosecutors will pursue the official extradition of Kevin Spacey from the US

It seems that the life and career of Kevin Spacey will no longer be saved. British authorities are considering formally extraditing the actor from the US in connection with four allegations of sexual assault if he does not come to the UK voluntarily. So the 62-year-old Oscar winner may be detained by the police so that the court can present him with an official ruling.

On Thursday, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) approved four charges connected to Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual assaults on three men between 2005 and 2013. This was done immediately after an investigation by the Metropolitan Police. Nick Vamos, known as the former head of extradition, has made it clear that the extradition process for a Hollywood star could take many months as officials in the US have to review documents sent from England. In addition, they must make sure that there are “good reasons” to go in search of the alleged perpetrator for his subsequent detention.
The former CPS officer explained that it is much more difficult to resist an extradition request in the US than in the UK. In addition, it provides more protection, as only those charges will be brought against Kevin that was agreed by the US authorities as part of this process. Even if Spacey arrives in the UK and faces charges, the actor could return to the US fairly quickly if bail conditions allow him to cross the Atlantic.
The complex incident involved alleged attacks on three men in London and Gloucestershire. The first alleged act of violence was committed in London in March 2005 against a man in his 40s. Three years later, the actor forced another guy, now about 30 years old, to have sex with penetration without his consent. The third victim was another 30-year-old man allegedly attacked by a Hollywood star in April 2013 in Gloucestershire. Of course, the actor himself denies what is happening, but the trial may begin after examining the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police during the investigation. At the same time, the royal prosecutor’s service reminded everyone that the artist has every right to a fair trial.

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