Chris Rock looks serious in New York in a rare photo after the Oscar slap

On Tuesday morning, Chris Rock was taken seriously as he walked into the Big Apple, just a day after his brother spoke out against Will Smith in an interview.
Chris Rock, 57, looked grim on his last trip to New York. The comedian was seen walking out with his hands in his pockets and severe eyes on his face; just a week later, Will Smith, 53, slapped him while he was on stage at the 2022 Oscars. He wore a black jacket with cargo pants and colorful shoes during the stroll and a pair of sunglasses and headphones around his neck.
It’s not clear where Chris was going for a walk, but he was alone and didn’t seem to be paying attention to nearby cameras. Other people passed by him, but he was seen staring straight ahead, perhaps lost in thought from time to time.
In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Chris’ latest trip came as his brother Kenny made headlines about the time of his older brother’s slapping.
The disturbed brother admitted that he thought the Oscar winner should be canceled that night and did not accept a public apology to Chris and others who were impacted by his acts.
Kenny also argued that Chris joked about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and his shaved head, which started Will to respond with a slap. Chris wouldn’t have been told that the actress was suffering from alopecia. ۔ “The joke was funny. It wasn’t witty, but I know if he knew he had alopecia, he wouldn’t joke about her. But he didn’t know,” he said.
He accused the academy of not taking the actor out of the ceremony when he went on stage and slapped Chris. “I think they were responsible for it. He could have gone there and done whatever he wanted with my brother. he explained that it could have been much more sinister than what he did,”. By doing this, he embarrassed himself and his legacy.

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