Clive Davis’ 90th birthday party, Katherine McPhee, wore a black strapless dress with David Foster

Katharine McPhee looked dazzling as she posed in a flattering outfit and stayed close to her husband David Foster during the glorious night in Manhattan at Casa Cipriani.

The 38-year-old, Katharine  McPhee, glimpsed amazing in her last eye-opening outing! The waitress star appeared with her husband at Clive Davis’ 90th birthday party at the Battery Maritime Building on the East River in Lower Manhattan, New York.

The 72-year old David Foster wore a black dress without a fashion suspender. She paired the sexy dress with matching heels and wore a necklace and earrings as her long hair was drawn back into a high ponytail with some strings hanging down.

She showed off her epic tone in solo photos of the party on the red carpet and pictures of the couple with David, who glimpsed beautifully in classic black and white tuxedos and black shoes. During the photoshoot, love Birds grabbed each other and smiled lovingly into each other’s eyes, proving that their relationship is strong.

Other celebrities who attended the party to celebrate Clive and his incredible years in the music industry included  Lin Manuel Sandra Lee Miranda Katie Couric, Barry Manilow , and   Fran Drescher .

A month after Katherine and David’s star-studded outing, Katherine made headlines about her psychological struggle with herself and David’s one-year-old son,  Rennie , during her pregnancy. The beautiful Katharine Schwarzenegger said before, during, and after her podcast, “It’s a toy with my mind.”

She said, Even though you know your body will change and you expect it, if you are someone who has problems controlling your body, psychologically, it does something different. I was losing control and going back to my dirty old version, which was annoying because I wanted to have fun with my baby.

Fortunately, Katharine found a way to reconcile her body with her baby, and it was all self-love. “I toiled during that first trimester. It was difficult for me to find that confidence. But I found it later, and I wonder how I found it; it’s something that I’m taking it with me now, “She said.” So I feel the need to talk to myself.


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