Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham share the only photo from their wedding

Last weekend, the long-awaited wedding of the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham – Brooklyn and his beloved Nicola Peltz , took place. 

The event itself was strictly confidential. The Beckhams’ firstborn and his fiancee sold exclusive rights to photographs of the wedding ceremony to Vogue magazine.

In addition, the bride and groom forbade guests to take pictures on mobile phones and post pictures on the Web. Therefore, unfortunately, users found themselves without wedding content on social networks. 

The newlyweds also joked about this. Nicola shared a picture showing two “button” phones the day before. “Our wedding phones and the only personal photos we took,” she joked. 

By the way, each guest was given Yondr safe cases (they are often used in American schools). These are exceptional cases for phones, which can be removed only with the help of a magnet in particular areas.

That is, while the phone is in the case, a person cannot use it. Now it’s clear why there really isn’t a single photo from the Beckham wedding. 

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