The daughter’s name of Cristiano Ronaldo, who survived the death of his twin brother, became known

The daughter’s name of Cristiano Ronaldo , who survived the death of his twin brother, became known.

After the casualty of one of the twins, Cristiano Ronaldo and his beloved Georgina Rodriguez tried to find the strength to move on. The surviving girl became salvation at this difficult moment, and the couple finally shared their daughter’s name. This Saturday, the young mom announced her big choice on social media. Bella Esmeralda .  Signed a slideshow of photos of her baby in a crib in a charming outfit from Moschino.

The happy parents are clearly doing their best to move forward after Bella Esmeralda’s twin brother tragically died in childbirth. Yet, at that very moment, the football superstar and his lover made a joint statement that was hard to read without crying. 

“It is with most profound sorrow we have to announce that our baby has passed away. This is the biggest pain that parents can experience,” wrote Ronaldo. However, they added that only their girl gave the strength to live this moment with hope and happiness. The girl was nevertheless brought home in April, and a loving father introduced her to all the household members. 

“Gio and our baby are finally with us. We want to thank everyone for the kind words. Your help is very necessary, and we all sense the love and care you have for our family. Now it’s time to be thankful for the life we ​​have just accepted into this world,” the athlete signed a photo where he sits on the couch with a new family member.

Recall that Ronaldo and Rodriguez started Dating in 2016 after his breakup with supermodel Irina Shayk. With Georgina, he was able to become an attentive father and a wonderful friend to his beloved woman.


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