The press discusses the real relationship between Meghan Markle with the staff of the palace

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have fired more than one person. There is another scandal in the British royal family and this time, Meghan Markle is directly involved in it.

The truth is that in the spring of 2021, just a couple of weeks before the release of a frank interview with Oprah Winfrey, information appeared in the British press about a number of complaints that Kensington Palace employees had filed against the Duchess of Sussex even before Megzit.

Documents obtained by journalists indicated that Megan forced two employees to quit and was almost able to finish the third.

The investigation continued for a year before Buckingham Palace finally figured out the situation and … withheld all information from the press and ordinary Britons.

This decision surprised many. Now the Daily Mail journalists themselves are trying to find out whether Megan really mocked employees or, as her own lawyer claims, she was simply demanding.

Before Markle began working as a senior member of the royal family, Kensington Palace staff were advised that her manner of management, due to her mentality, could be very different.

The workers were quite prepared for Meghan to speak to them more frankly, demandingly, and harshly. However, the usual sharpness, according to a number of insiders, has grown into real hostility.

Here and there appeared information about the secretaries, brought to tears. At the palace, Markle began to be called a “rude woman.”

Also, journalists managed to get a report by Jason Knauf – since 2018, he has been responsible for the image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“I am very concerned that the Duchess was able to intimidate two assistants so much that they quit. We have received many reports of her inappropriate behavior not only from them but also from other witnesses.

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